About us

Filistos focus is primarily on the evaluation, development, improvement and distribution of psychological inventories for a number of purposes and usages like:

  • Personality
  • Psychopathology
  • Addiction
  • Forensic
  • Employee evaluation and career development

Filistos is a new publications company of psychometric tools. We specialize on clinical, developmental and occupational inventories of high quality, practicality, low cost and usage.

Filistos offers valid inventories, easy to use, that provide useful complete and applicable results for the clinician, the psychiatrist and the Human Resources (HR) professionals and recruiters of every company.

Our assessment tools are based on simplicity, by providing the shortest and most practical, in terms of length, tool that is combined with easy and direct filling in of information and results analysis.

Filistos’ assessment tools are based on accuracy and completeness of results, which are designed to respond to professional needs, offering the greatest possible assistance through the offered tools and EURiKA program.

Filistos EURiKA online platform is an easy-to-use, practical and safe tool for distributing, analyzing and storing inventories for patients, staff or potential employees.

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