About us

Filistos provides psychology and judicial psychology services aiming at offering high quality organised services in these two particularly delicate and significant areas. We are leaders in important areas, such as the development of psychometric tools, research, also in collaboration with universities abroad, the presentations in international conferences in the area of clinical and judicial psychology as well as the certification related to, evolving and offering high quality services in these areas.


Filistos’ objective

Filistos' objective is to offer high quality in:

  • Psychotherapy and support in a wide area of mental disorders, addictions and social problems.
  • Judicial assessments through the assessment of psychopathology and addiction, mental ability as well as parental skills.
  • Family mediation and work mediation services.
  • Simple and integrated assessment tools for clinical, judicial and work use.

We provide a simple and concrete set of inventories which offer complete and clear results for professionals, bodies and organisations. The EURiKA programme is a simple and easy to use tool for direct results, for administering and filing tools, offering direct and secure access from wherever you are, for for clinical, judicial and/or work use.

Filistos' area of tools development can design and develop tools perfectly adjusted to your own needs and purposes.

Filistos: Your serious and helpful friend/ companion